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2018 State of Student Accountability Report

How do you measure up?

The results are in! We surveyed hundred's of school professionals to learn about their approach to student accountability, their priorities, strategies, challenges, technology and much more! Here's what's inside:

  • Strategy and process. How are schools keeping track of their students? What tools are they using? What kind of activities are they keeping track of?
  • Administrative efficiency. How efficient do schools consider their administrative processes to be? What effect does ease-of-use have on the quality of student records?
  • Data quality and integrity. How confident are schools in the quality of their attendance and accountability records?
  • Emergency Preparedness. How effective do schools think they are at using data to prepare for emergencies?
  • Deep Dive. What tools and strategies do high performers use?
  • Challenges. What are the biggest challenges schools face with their student accountability efforts?
  • Views on the future. Where do schools think the future of student safety and accountability are heading?

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