The Definitive Guide To Leave Types

This new and updated guide includes industry best practices, step-by-step tutorials and examples from some of the most prestigious boarding schools around the world


An optimised leave process is the secret to any successful Boarding program and at its core are "Leave Types".

Well defined and organised leave types enable you to streamline your processes for maximum efficiency, reduce human error and simplify staff training.
This ebook explores the fundamental significance of leave types and provides an exclusive look at the internal processes for some of the most effective leave types and best practices in boarding. Using these tactics and insights will most certainly transform you leave processes and at the very least, give you a simple way to compare your leave processes with the global standard.

Inside this book you'll learn:

  • About the universal leave management problem faced by boarding schools around the world, and how leave types can help you solve it. 

  • How to structure your leave types for maximum efficiency and security. 
  • Real-life examples of how other boarding schools structure and use their leave types.  
  • How to choose a leave management tool that best suits your current boarding processes.



Step-By-Step Tutorial


Real Life Examples


Detailed Workflow Diagrams


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