Introduction to Student Tracking

Learn about the power of student tracking software with Boardingware

The way we track and care for our students is broken. Boardingware is fixing it.

Safety is one of our schools highest priorities and it's crazy to think that some are still relying on antiquated tools and outdated practices to account for student safety. Poor record keeping creates uncertainty and restricts our ability to provide safe and supportive environments for our students. Boardingware is changing that by bringing all your student tracking information to one platform, so you can account for their safety 100% of the time.

Designed to take the hard work out of your administration, Boardingware lets you track on-and-off campus movements, pastoral care, attendance and more, so you can make smarter decisions to help your students thrive.

This guide will provide you with an introduction to student tracking software and give you a comprehensive overview of how Boardingware works. Packed full of cutting edge features, infographics and real-life experiences, this guide is bound to open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

Inside this guide you'll learn:

  • How to coordinate and track student leave, exeat and sign-in-and-out activities.

  • How to tighten your emergency procedures with live roll checks and student registration

  • How to pinpoint and address alarming student behaviour so you can deliver quality pastoral care for every student.

  • How to effectively share and communicate important information with staff, students and parents. 

  • How we protect your data with internationally recognized security practices. 


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Leave and Exeat Management

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Pastoral Care


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Is this really free?

Absolutely. We're just sharing some free knowledge that we've gathered from our time working with all kinds of schools from around the world. We hope you find it useful.